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Engineering Studies

2022 Wheeler Drain Assessment

2021 Grand Valley State University Study on
Hess Lake Muck Pellets

2021 Progressive AE Contract

2020 Hess Lake Management Plan Report by Progressive AE

2019 Lake Study by Dr. David Jude

2018 Progressive 3-Year $30,000 Hess Lake Management Plan

2010 Hess Lake Bathymetry and Sediment Depth Report by Spicer Group

1996 Wheeler Drain Engineering Drawings, $250K Project

1995 Hess Lake EPA Application

1989 Wheeler Drain Phosphorus Removal System

1984 DNR Study on Wheeler Drain

1982 Edmand's Hess Lake Engineering Feasibility Report

1964 Hess Lake Study

Note: More Hess Lake Engineering Studies are available than shown on this Website

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