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I would encourage Hess Lake residents to consider recycling. 

See attached PDF for local recycling locations 

Items that can be recycled 

1. Cardboard 

2. Paper 

3. Plastics 

4. Tin/aluminum

5. Small appliance batteries 

6. Glass

7. Plastic Bags


Note: Recycle your oil at the local oil change places or auto parts stores

Newaygo County Recycling Locations

• Fremont: 56th Street and Warner Avenue (behind Fremont Mini Storage, enter from 
  56th Street)
  o Available Mondays 10 am to 1 pm; Wednesdays 2-5 pm; and Saturdays 9 am to 2pm

• Newaygo: 490 Quarterline St., Newaygo 49337 (at Brooks Township, corner of 
  Quarterline and Division Streets—Collection site is on the Division Street side)
  o Available 24/7

• Grant: 160 East State St., Grant 49327 (this is the spillover parking lot across
   from Grant Elementary School)
   o Available 24/7

• White Cloud: 1036 Newell St., White Cloud 49349 (the old mill square)
   o Available 24/7

• Garfield Township: 7180 South Bingham
   Ave., Newaygo 49349 (at GarfieldTownship)
   o Available 24/7

• Croton: @ The Transfer Station, 5600 East
   Elm St., Croton 49337
   o Open Sunday/Monday/Thursday/Friday/
   Saturday, 12-5 pm (no recycling on Sundays) o Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
   o Open Memorial Day & Labor Day, 1-5 pm

How to Recycle Your Unwanted Medications
Visit this link:

Recycling 101

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