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Hess Lake Tributaries

There are six tributaries that flow directly into Hess Lake. The two named Tributaries are Wheeler Drain and Alger Drain/Creek with four unnamed. Per the 1982 Edmands Engineering Study, about 70% of the water and 81% of the phosphorus flow from Wheeler and Alger Drains into Hess Lake ( complete engineering study is located under “Engineering Study Tab  ) . Please see the maps below showing the location of the Tributaries. Wheeler Drain is on public land just south of Hess Lake. I would encourage you to take a walk over to Wheeler Drain before and after a heavy rain storm to see what is flowing into Hess Lake.

Wheeler Drain




















































































Note: See red lines on the map below indicating the drains.

October 26, 2019

March 15, 2019

March 16, 2019

September 3, 2018

Outlet to Brooks Lake

Hess Lake Watershed


The Hess Lake Watershed is about 15 square miles and extends south almost to Grant. You will notice from the attached map that about nine other public and private drains flow into Wheeler Drain along with one into Alger. VanHorn, Downing, Cox and Wren Drains flow into Wheeler along with Leosh into Alger. Some of these drains flow through agriculture areas which may explain the amount of phosphorus coming into Hess Lake.

Hess Lake Watershed Land Cover Type Map

Hess Lake Watershed Soil Type Map

Alger Creek

East Cove

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