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Hess Lake Improvement Board - HLIB

The Hess Lake Improvement Board - HLIB consists of five people. These five people have legal authority to make decisions on behalf of lake residents, including taxing authority for any lake project they deem necessary. The three lake representatives are appointed positions, with the other two elected. Please see the attached PDF for a complete description of the HLIB responsibilities. I would encourage lake residents to attend the three yearly meetings plus any special meetings. Please see Public Meeting Notice date, time and location of meeting listed below.

See Hess Lake Improvement Board meeting dates listed below.


Hess Lake Improvement Board - HLIB Representatives

Dale Twing - Newaygo County Drain Commissioner - Elected Position - - 231-689-7213

Ken Delaat - Lake Resident - District 5 Commissioner - Elected Position


Bart Calvi - Lake Resident - Brooks Township Representative - Appointed Position

Mark Slocum - Lake Resident - Grant Township Representative - Appointed Position

Grant Bryan - Lake Resident - Hess Lake Improvement Association Representative - Appointed Position 


Note: The Hess Lake Improvement Board (HLIB) and Hess Lake Improvement Association (HLIA) are completely different organizations.

Lake Board Description
Lake Board Manual

Thanks to the Michigan Chapter North American Lake Management Society for this Lake Board Manual.

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